Django SHOP documentation

This is the documentation starting from version 0.9; if you are looking for the documentation of django-shop version 0.2, please check the sidebar of RTD.

Version 0.9 of djangoSHOP is a complete rewrite of the code base, keeping the concepts of model overriding and cart modifiers. With some effort it should be possible to migrate existing projects to this new release.


If you are upgrading from an earlier version, please be sure to read the upgrade instructions.


This tutorial shows how to setup a working e-commerce site with djangoSHOP using the given dependencies. The code required to setup this demo can be found in the example/myshop folder.

How To’s

Some recipes on how to perform certain tasks in djangoSHOP.

This collection of recipes unfortunately is not finished yet.

Obsolete documentation

This documentation is only kept arond for historical reasons, please do not use it.


DjangoSHOP is licensed under the terms of the BSD license.