Frequently Asquest Questions

Frontend Editing

Order Plugin

Editing the Order Plugin seems to be broken

This has to do with the way, django-CMS handles the placeholder in its templates. Here the problem is, that we’re using the same template for both, the Order List View and their Detail Views. The Order Detail Views however, are not managed by the CMS, but rather by a CMSApphook. The latter confuses the CMS placeholder. It therefore is strongly recommended to edit the Order Page only while in List View Mode.


Can I use django-SHOP without AngularJS?

When using REST, then client side actions have to be handles somehow using JavaScript. AngularJS was chosen in 2014, because it was the only MVVM-ish framework at the time. However, the intention always has been, that merchants implementing their e-commerce site on top of django-SHOP do not have to write a single line of code in JavaScript. The idea is, that everything shall be adoptable using the special HTML elements introduced by django-SHOP.

Unless all these directives are replaced by another JavaScript framework, such as React, Ember, Vue.js, Angular2/4, Aurelia, etc., one can setup django-SHOP without any JavaScript at all. Then however, a lot of functionality is lost and the user experience will be modest.

CMS pages as categories

My products have a many-to-many relation with the CMS PageModel. However, in the admin for the product, the multi-select widget dos not show any pages.

In the product’s admin view, only CMS pages which in their advanced settings are marked as CatalogList, are eligible to be connected with a product.