21. Special CMS Pages

Besides the Catalog-, Cart- and Checkout Views, some pages must be accessed from already prepared templates, which are shipped with this framework. These templates use the templatetag {% page_url %} shipped by django-CMS with some hard coded IDs. Unless we want to rewrite those templates, we must provide a few special CMS pages, where we specify those page IDs.

21.1. Customer Self Registering Page

The django-SHOP framework offers a plugin, which offers a form, where customers can enter their email address and a password. This plugin is named Authentication using the Rendered Form: Register User.



This page shall offer a form,
This plugin

In the Advanced Settings of the CMS page handling this form, use shop-register-customer as the page ID.

21.2. Customer Details Page

This page shall offer a form, where a customer can enter his personal details, such as his or her names, email address and whatever else is interesting for the merchant.