If a site built with the django-SHOP framework shall be used by more than one vendor, we speak about a multi-tenant environment. Django-SHOP does not implement multi-tenancy out of the box, it however is quite simple to extend and customize.


To distinguish the roles in a multi-tenant environment, we define the merchant as the site owner. On the other side, a vendor owns a range of products. Each new product, he adds to the site, is assigned to him. Later on, existing products can only be modified and deleted by the vendor they belong to.

Product Model

Since we are free to declare our own product models, This can be achieved by adding a foreign key onto the User model:

from shop.models.product import BaseProduct

class Product(BaseProduct):
    # other product attributes
    merchant = models.ForeignKey(
        limit_choices_to={'is_staff': True},


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